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There is the looming danger of climate change on the world. With rising global temperature, the planet is already witnessing many adverse effects like rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions like harsher floods and cyclones, destruction of ecosystems and many serious economic and political impacts on all the countries.

It is a cause which unites the whole planet and every individual must do their part to fight climate change.

In the month of September, Global Climate Strikes shook the world when a 16-year old activist from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, called to action every person and every organization in the world to contribute to the cause by first and foremost creating awareness and educating people in their communities.

At Alcheringa, we believe in this principle of change through education and thus planned to start off a social campaign in this direction.

This year, we plan to conduct an awareness campaign integrated with one of our trademark initiative Udaan – which aims to empower underprivileged children in orphanages, slums and small government schools. Students from IIT Guwahati interacted with the children and engaged them in many fun-filled and educational activities which taught them about the importance of waste management and waste segregation to control environmental pollution and informed them about the pressing issue of climate change.

In solidarity with the international #FridaysForFuture people’s movement, we have also written articles and created interactive and informative posters published every Friday that have disseminated knowledge about the impact of climate change on India (with special focus on North-East India) and the action that is being taken by the citizens and the government to counter that.

We hope that our actions will create a greater understanding about the most urgent problem faced by our generation and will motivate people to take immediate action to counter the causes and effects climate change and environmental pollution in their communities.

North east unveiled


North East India is a microcosm of India with its own diversity in terms of languages, culture, arts and religion. There is a need to promote and unveil the true potential of this part of the country, which is still unexplored by many. Our campaigns hits the nail on its head by promoting the shared identity and culture that this part of the country shares with other parts of the nation, by showcasing the rich and diverse food and travel destinations and by running information campaigns to develop entrepreneurship and to remove stereotypes from the minds of general people about the North Eastern part of the country

In Alcheringa’19: North East Social Summit was conducted for the first time, a conference of young minds with social entrepreneurs, NGOs and government officials, making it a great platform for innovation. North East Social Summit (NESS) 2019 dealt with one of the most pressing issues of North East India - Human Trafficking. North East Expo’19 saw an exhibition of Moonga Silk by Directorate of Sericulture Assam. Bhortal dance of Assam and dance forms from the 8 Northeastern states were performed. Department of Cultural Affairs, Assam showcased folk and tribal art, ancient sculptures, and other artefacts from Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra Museum.

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Originated under the name “Bachpan” in 2011, Udaan is a social initiative taken by the students of IIT Guwahati which aims on delivering hope to those who never had the opportunity. In the past it has contributed towards the upliftment of the underprivileged through the conduction of various educational workshop and innovational programs. During their vacations, students from IIT Guwahati and several other colleges conducted Udaan where they reached out to various underprivileged children from orphanages, villages and slums in their locality, and spared a weekend to give flights to their hopes with the help of various documentaries, presentations, games and motivation.

Udaan reached 52 cities across India in 2015. Our mission is to rewrite the pages of underprivileged children, to reach out to them and to adorn their lives with some wonderful moments. In 2017, under the banner of Udaan, Alcheringa in association with CRY (Child Rights and You) NGO, organised the national level campaign ‘Desh Ka Sandesh’ - An event conducted across government schools in different cities in India where children were asked to write and paint messages of love and encouragement for the Indian Army, to honour their valour, sacrifice and unwavering commitment towards the country.

Past initiatives