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The annual cultural extravaganza of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Mark Your Calendars, The Dream Starts Here !

About Alcheringa

Alcheringa, which literally translates to "Eternal Dreamtime", is the annual cultural extravaganza of IIT Guwahati. With the majestic Brahmaputra flowing in the background, and the idyllic setting of a picture perfect Shangri-La, it is one of the grandest celebrations of youth and culture in eastern India. With an ulterior motive of promoting both local and global arts and culture, Alcheringa has brought some of the biggest names in domestic and international entertainment circuits to North-East India. With a reputation of organizing Pan-Indian competitions in diverse fields of arts and culture, Alcher has fast become one of the most versatile student-run fests of the nation. Year long initiatives and trending campaigns that focus on the society, especially on the North-East give the fest a unique flavor, and make sure that Alcher is one of the most sought-after dates of the calendar.

Taken right as I got on stage for the new show in India. India Rocks

Michael Angelo Batio | Alcheringa 2014


Crescendo (2005)

The Epic Conclusion!

Mohit Chauhan (Crescendo-2013)

Sitar Shankar : The Saga continues

Anoushka Shankar (2012)

Koi Na jaane , Kaise Kahein Alvida

Shilpa Rao (2014)

"People went completely, completely insane"

Eluveitie (2010)

Some string theory by the Villalobos Brothers (2014)

Haute Couture

Femina Miss India, presided by Sobhita Dhulipala (Miss India Earth 2013)

Woodstock of the North-East!

Rock o Phonix

Electric Heels (2014)

And THAT, kids, is "How I met you mother"

An Eternal Dreamtime!

Step Up - 2014

Navras - The Classical Indian Dance Competition

The Holy Grail of Rock!

Haute Couture

Witness the world on a stage

Some Dreams just go on and on...

The Alcher Wall!